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Most of my life has been working around wood, the Entertainment industry, Hobby Industry. and Medical.
I have traveled Through Europe, Bahama's the East Coast , the south and currently Reside near My family in Texas.
I have 2 Collage degrees first was marketing with a second in Nursing , I was encouraged to continue my education by going to do research in Molecular Bio.
I have met with talked with two Nobel Prize winners one for almost 2 hours .
A point in my life in 2004 my life crashed and it for me had ended as I knew it . I basically woke up in ICU from a mugging told my life would not be the same and 18 days in ICU they were right I write/spell at 7th grade level. 4 smashed vertebrae from a mugging from people who did not even belong in the USA .
Well I landed in TX and was close to family , I made a carving for a roommates grand daughter , posted it on Face book . and people loved it .
So to keep busy since I could no longer work I learned to play the Native American Flute studied the densities of wood types Physics of woods and such researched finishes , talked to all kinds of manufacturers. I was at times appalled and still am at other makers at the products they use knowing people will put it in their mouths.
. Even Olive Oil is Toxic according to the CDC and causes Botulism...
I went out talked to owners of the finishing companies 2 of them for months and actually Apply them both . after one cures then apply the other on top giving the best finish a wood product can have / protection a human can get,
I try to use only American made products in the manufacturing /finishing ,unless the wood is imported . all woods are legally harvested
I look at a piece of wood see the beauty I can make out of it weather it be a simple serving plate, Cribbage board . a Native American Flute, Salt & pepper shaker.
Any how I am rambling again, I wake up do the Fox and Friends with coffee , go to my shop , till most of the day is gone or the back is done. Then I go in eat post some products shower . bed . wake up start the same all over again .
That is my life It lives around the products I make , a small little rescue dog , I don't do much of anything else I have sold some 2000 items world wide in 7 years started with a hobby knife as of 8/17 I now have over 30k in tools and bought woods from around the world to make products from.
My only 2 negative reviews well a return after 2 months saying a professional played it as well as others.. makes it used and It states beginners in description so don't bring a Volkswagen to Daytona 500 expecting a win # was the Professional "boy friend ", who never did any of what he claimed in his statement , sticking up for his G/F good for him @ 200.00
well any questions fell free to send me a note we custom build just about anything you want and unlike a lot of others we back our products with medical degrees and talking directly/working with the manufactures
call 832-872-5391
email mammoth20 [!at] yahoo.com

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